Luminox Timepieces

A man's watch is the best way to describe the Luminox watch line.Their rugged and durable for any job, anywhere. Luminox watches are Swiss Made and equipped with a unique self-powered illumination system.  Without having to push a button or expose the timepiece to a light source, the time is continuously visible for up to 25yrs.  It's part of what makes these watches ESSENTIAL GEAR and why the United States Navy SEALs and other professional world-wide have chosen Luminox.  In 1993, the first Navy Seal series was developed. The unique combination of stealth and visibility is also why the U.S. Air Force F-1117 Nighthawk pilots requested luminox watches

Watch Care

We suggest that all battery operated watches should be checked every so often, as well as, having the battery replaced and the seals checked.  All automatic watches should have an overhaul every few years.  Rolex watches also need to be cleaned and serviced every so often to make sure they are running properly. Even if your watch says "water resistant" we do not suggest wearing them when in the pool. The chemicals from the chlorine can be harmful to your watch.  

Repair and Service

We not only have a great selection of watches, but we offer a watch repair service as well.  One of our watch makers will be happy to take a look at your watch and call with an estimate. We also clean and service Rolex, and other mechanical watches.  Watch battery replacement can be done right on the spot. More information about our watch repairs and services can be found on our "Services" page.


Citizen Watch Company

One of our favorite watch lines is the Citizen Eco Drive line.  They have a very unique technology that allows the timepieces to be powered by light instead of a battery. How does this work well let us explain.  Sunlight or any type of artificial light is absorbed through the crystal.  A solar cell beneath the dial of the watch converts this light in to electrical energy to power the watch.  


Here at Evans, we want to help make your watch decision as easy as possible.  We offer a wide range in different styles of watches for the avid diver to the CEO of an international company.  Come in and shop different designers such as Citizen Eco Drive, Citizen Signature Collection, Bulova, Seiko, Pulsar and we also sell gently used and vintage Rolex timepieces. Here at Evans, we can also customize that special Rolex Timepiece just for you!  We carry men's watches and women's watches. 

It is not just a watch it is a timepiece!

Choosing the right timepiece is all about choosing a style that suits your own personal style and personality.