Repair Services

We can not say this enough, take your rings to have all the prongs checked especially on those diamonds! We provide a variety of repair services for all types of jewelry. Please check our "Services" page for more information. Come on by to see us right here in downtown Smithfield, NC.

Caring for your jewelry

We suggest that you get your jewelry checked and cleaned frequently. Tips for cleaning jewelry at home never submerge pearls or any other porous stone such as jade and opals in any type of liquid cleaner; this can harm and destroy the stone.  Also, be careful what type of jewelry cleaner is used on your Silver jewelry, Some liquid cleaners will strip off any type of antique finish and change the color of the metal. Any type of polishing cloth is always a safe choice.  We also do not recommend wearing any type of pearl jewelry when in water. 

If you have any questions about any of our designers please click on the name of the designer and you can browse through their website. 

​For over 30 years, our family owned business, Evans Jewelers has been helping people choose jewelry that expresses their personal style and taste.  We have a large variety and selection of jewelry from top designers such as Gabriel & Co., Timeless Designs, Kim International, Sweet Charleston, Imperial Pearls, and many more.  We carry everything from diamond and precious gemstones to our boutique silver lines. We pride ourselves in carrying top quality jewelry!